Introduction to the MCAT

The MCAT is necessarily for anyone who wants to go to medical school.

I'm planning to take the MCAT on 9-11-2012.

All my notes you need to review are here for free. They follow the AAMC content outline. 
I hope they help.

For a guide to creating your own study plan or how to get started, read the 3 month study plan post.

Good luck.


  1. How long are you keeping your notes up? I plan on taking my MCAT in the fall or winter and studying all summer. They look very good and useful. I could use these when I start my prep.

    1. Thanks for visiting Cedric,

      The plan is to add a audio lecture series by the end of this summer,after that I hope to finish a general review of physics and chemistry.

      Make sure to check the registration deadline and test days. I think the last day the MCAT is offered in 2013 is September 12th.

  2. Hello! I can't reach o find your notes, is there any way you could send them to me?
    thank you?

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