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MCAT Audio Lectures with Corresponding Notes:

My grandmother provided me with lecture cassette tapes, matching notes and quizzes with answers.
These are ideal for students taking the test before taking all the related classes or for MCAT review.
My grandmother was a teacher until her death, I know she would have wanted to help students continue to learn and would be happy to help spread knowledge across the globe and into the future.

Best way to take notes? The Dr. Robert A. Palmatier Method
Printable Note Paper Template

Beginning of Intro to Science:

Welcome to Everything MCAT Audio Learning Materials! These materials were set aside for me by my grandmother. These learning materials are outdated in information regarding test procedures, but surprisingly clear and accurate regarding the fundamentals of science that make up the bulk of the MCAT. As you listen, keep in mind that the test structure has recently changed, but effective study strategies have not. By studying these basics of physics you will understand the majority of the MCAT test material and can quickly add a few recently added topics to your overall knowledge after you master the basics.

  • Study for no more than 45 minutes, break for 10 minutes (repeat).
  • Before a quiz take 15 minutes to 48 hours off!
  • Before the test wake up 1 hour early, drive there 1 hour early, scan (not read) your notes.

Start Physics Lesson 1: Kinematics

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