Monday, June 11, 2012

Pretest Results 1

AAMC Pretest #11

Day Two:

After taking Practice Test #11 on the AAMC today, 

I scored 7, 12, 8. 

I got mentally exhausted by the middle of the last section. 
I had been eating, which may have been a bad idea... 

I had previously taken Practice Test #3 (15 days ago),
I scored 7, 10, 7.

Therefore, I made some improvement in the short time I have been studying.


The areas I did less then 50% on were:

1 Electrochemistry 
2 Phases and Phase Equilibria
3 Solution Chemistry
4 Stoichiometry
5 Equilibrium and Momentum
6 Force and Motion Gravitation
7 Light and Geometrical Optics
8 Amines
9 Biological Molecules
10 Separations and Purifications
11 DNA and Protein Synthesis
Red indicates that I got less then 50% on both pretests...

Separated by cognitive skill I did less then 50% on:

1 Evaluation 
2 Flexibility\Adaptability in Scientific Reasoning
3 Identifying Concepts and Relationships
The difficulty effects me in reading and biology, but not at all in physics and chemistry...


  1. It's so awesome reading about your progress and determination! This is great! If you keep this up, you'll be a DO in no time. I'm so, SO excited for you. :D

  2. Thanks Chelsea, I really hope getting a good score will allow me to get into Western University so I can stay in the same area where my life is centered. I hope you are enjoying UC Davis. You were the first person to tell me about the differences between standard medicine and osteopathy. So, it was actually you that inspired me to be a DO. I'm excited to be relearning all this science information that I actually do find rewarding (after the confusion, frustration and fatigue from studying ware off). You should check out the videos the National Science Foundation made, they are so pretty. There are a few on the Enzyme and Metabolism page. The virtual cell tour is my favorite it's on the DNA and Protein Synthesis page.